Thursday, June 29, 2017

Good Morning From Peep's Pond

We have arrived at Peep's Pond once again, safe and sound, where only the rustling of the leaves, and singing of the birds are the loudest sound we hear. The weather is a little cool ( 9 C) and there is quite a bit of moisture in the air. We haven't been out to the Golf Course yet but maybe later this afternoon if the rain holds off.
I'm going to leave it here for now as I must go and sketch something, or get started reading a book, or something. Take care and I'll see you when I'm older.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday June 20th

Hi, there I bet you have wondered if this old Caller has fallen off the stage, or just got lost in a normal life's comings and goings, which is of course true. Playing a bunch of golf between rain showers, getting ready to go to Peeps Pond and trying to get in a few sketches here & there when I get the chance. We hope the summer is going well with you, and that you are enjoying every second of it. Since I can't show you a video of my golf games, and you likely don't want to hear me sing, all I can offer you is a few of my latest sketches. You don't have to look at them if you don't want to I just put them up here for something to do. I'll likely write again when I get to Peeps Pond so until then enjoy the summer.

I'll see you when I'm older.