Thursday, April 27, 2017


Good morning to you and to day one of our vacation away from Calling Square Dances. This is looking like a very nice day with the temperature climbing to about +25 C and sunny by this afternoon.

 Last night The Village Squares held their end of season dinner & dance with most members in attendance along with some past members no longer dancing because of health reasons, it was great to see everyone again. Things were a little tense in the early going as my sound system kept cutting out, however, after hooking up the spare it wasn't very long until we found a loose connection at the speaker was the the culprit and that was resolved very quickly. Now that Adams Aces, The Cookie Club and The Village Squares have ended for the season, we hope all the dancers have a wonderful summer, doing just what you love to do other than Square Dance and we'll see you back on the dance floor in September. 
Don't forget Saturday night is The Mississippi Squares 30th Anniversary Dance with Brian Crawford Calling and Jean Clingin Cueing the Rounds. We will see you there.

To the folks who have told me lately that they missed seeing this old Blog now that I haven't been writing daily, I will try to do better and write a little more frequently. One dancer told me that he could remember when I started Calling about 43 years ago, and several said they missed my sketches, so I will try to get some of them posted as well. However, I will not write every day as there are many golf days ahead, which I must not let slip by without being on the links. 
Have a great day, take care of yourself and each other and I'll write again when I'm older, at least older than the picture below.

Des this one is for you.

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