Sunday, April 30, 2017


Good morning to you and to the very last day of April, with a cool temperature of 3 C accompanied with a North East wind of 15 kph. and a 80% chance of rain. Tomorrow it will be May, with a little rain and more sun, we hope for some warmth but not too hot, a breeze but not a hurricane, moist but not too wet and not too dry golf courses and lots and lots of golf.

The Mississippi Squares celebrated their 30th. Anniversary last night with a dance, which we attended and which was a rare and enjoyable occasion for Judy & I to be together on the dance floor with many of you. This occasion started out by being picked up at our house and driven to the Ashton Pub for a excellent meal, in the company with some of The Village Squares, then on to the Dance. This was a fun filled and most enjoyable time!  Congratulations to the Mississippi Squares and a huge thank you to Brian Crawford and Jean Clingin for Calling & Cueing a great dance.

At this time I'm not sure what today will bring, hopefully a little golf or at least a bucket of balls at the driving range and that's all I have to write about this morning, so have a wonderful day take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you when we are all a little older. 

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