Sunday, March 26, 2017


Yes, here we are at the last Cookie Club Sunday in March, and guess what the weatherman is calling for freezing rain later this afternoon. However, the probability of that is only 40% at 2:00 PM and still at 40% at 5:00PM then 60% at 6:00PM and 80% at 8:00PM this evening. Based on that probability the Cookie Club will be open this afternoon for Advanced Dancing. 

The Program this afternoon will of course be all the Advanced Calls we can cover, plus reviews on "Mix The Windmill", "Follow Your Neighbour The Windmill", "Half Tag The Windmill", "Split Recycle", "Reverse Recycle", "Split Circulate 1&1/2", "Swing Thru 1&1/4", "Lock It" from Point to Point Diamonds, "3x2 Acey Deucey", and maybe "Relay The Shadow" and a little look at "Circle By 1/2 & 3/4" we will see how everything progresses.

Based on the weather forecast for this afternoon, it will be your decision whether you want to drive or not. We only have to drive to the end of the street, you must drive much further, so take care and we hope to see you on the dance floor. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Good Sunday morning to you and yes, it's another Cookie Club day. It is rather cool this morning at -13 C but should get to about + 4 C by this afternoon, and warmer in the Hobbs Centre as we blast through the Calls on the Advanced List.

Besides trying to get through all the Advanced Calls we will try to work in some "Split Circulates 1 & 1/2", "Disconnected Wave and Two Faced Line Calls", "Swing Thru 1 & 1/4", of course some "All Four Couples & All 8 Calls", "Reverse Recycle & Split Recycle", "Mix The Windmill" & "Half Tag The Windmill", "Follow Your Neighbour The Windmill" and if there is time and everyone is keen maybe "Relay The Shadow" and if there are enough C1 Dancers maybe a few sequences after 4 PM. I think this will be a very full program provided I don't loose my mind between now and then.

Tomorrow evening is Adams Aces where we will work on the A1 section of the Advanced List.

That's all for today folks, take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


Good Sunday morning,if you have just risen then let me inform you it is very cold outside at -19 C and feeling like -24 C with the breeze out of the West. Did you put your clocks ahead yet?

Today is of course Cookie Club Sunday and seeing how you will not be working in your garden, raking the lawn or sitting on the beach, you might consider dancing the Calls on the Advanced Callerlab list at the Cookie Club. I didn't see too much on the program for today, except some "Split Circulate 1 & 1/2", "Scoot Back 1 & 1/2", "Swing Thru 1 & 1/4", "Split Recycle", "3x2 Acey Deucey", and "Anything The Windmill". If you have something you would like to look at then let me know and I'll try to work it in.

This is March break for the school system so Adams Aces will not be dancing tomorrow evening.

That's about all I have for today, so stay warm, take care of yourself and each other and we'll see you at the Cookie Club or somewhere on the Dance Floor.

Friday, March 10, 2017


Good cool Friday morning with a temperature of -9 C here in Orleans, with a bit of a breeze out of the North at 9 KM/H making it feel like -14 C.

Dancers don't forget to put your clocks forward one hour on Saturday night, as we start into Daylight Saving Time and because you would not want to be late for The Cookie Club on Sunday afternoon. 

The March Break for our school system starts Monday and of course all schools in the Ottawa area will be closed, therefore, we will not be at Adams Aces on Monday March 13th.

I will post the Program for The Cookie Club tomorrow, Saturday morning.

That's all for today gang, take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor.

Monday, March 6, 2017


Good Monday morning to you, and yes it's still quite cool here in the Capital of our Nation. The temperature now is -11 C but should warm up a little by this afternoon and we could get some freezing rain, yuck!

Provided we don't get too much freezing rain today and we don't have to cancel Adams Aces tonight the Program will be of course to cover as many of the A1 and Plus Calls I can, in six tips and if the Dancing is good, we will take a look at "Scoot & Weave" and "Pass & Roll" just to make it a little more exciting.

We hope everyone who went to Burlington VT for the Maple Festival had a great weekend and a safe journey home.

That's about all for today, take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor.