Monday, July 25, 2016


Today we leave Peep's Pond and head back to Lake Dore for a couple of days and then home. We thank all our friends a Edan North for the grand time we have had while hanging out with you. We hate to leave Lyal & Cathy & Peep's Pond even more, so to ease the pain of that, Lyal and I will play a round of golf over at The Grouse's Nest this morning, then back to Peep's for brunch by Cathy and we'll hit the trail, with lots of memories, lots of laughs including "The Things Aunt Jullie Says" which had us laughing so hard last night, a couple of tears and my very first Birdie.
That's all I have for today, so take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor in about six weeks.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Good Morning to you on this June 29th. We have arrived once again at Peep's Pond following a very successful drive with everything going very well and our old truck running like a if it just left the show room, likely the best F350 dually on the road . Oh, it is so great once again to be with Lyal & Cathy, so much to chat about and to see here at The Pond, even played a little, who can put the little white ball in the basket with a pitching wedge, following a Cathy prepared gourmet meal on the patio "PARADISE".

Today will be spent visiting friends here at Peep's, getting supplies, maybe a game of golf a little later, and lots more chatter. I love VACATION.

I'm not sure when I'll get time to write again so in the meantime take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you when we are all a little older.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Good morning to you and to another gorgeous day, also the last night for our A1 Workshop. I am happy with the results of this workshop and although Dancers have only had the Standard Application of the Calls on the A1 List, I think they will not have any problems when we start to progress through the Extended Applications later in the Fall. As I said last week tonight's program is just to Dance all the Calls on the A1 List and review only where necessary. 

The next good thing that happens at 10:30 PM tonight, once I have put all my Square Dance equipment away is that, we will be on VACATION. That means Peep's Pond, Golf, Sketch, Relax, Rest, Visit, Hangout and likely get involved in something which I will have no idea about, such as driving a Bulldozer. I say that only because over the last few summers I have learned a little about Golf, Driving a Tractor Trailer, Operating a Zoom Boom and a Front End Loader, and Sketching, all of which have been a good deal of fun.

This is a sketch of a man I know which didn't turn out quite as planned, if you can see a resemblance to someone here, it's likely not him. 

And one from last week.

That's all I have for today and I'm not sure when I'll post again, likely when we get to Peep's Pond. Take care of yourself and each other enjoy the summer, and I'll see you when we are all just a little bit older. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Good cool Wednesday morning to you and yes, it's another A1 workshop night, the sixth in a series of eight and we are moving through the list quite nicely.

Tonight we will review last week's new Calls which are, Partner Hinge, Anything and Cross, Crossover Circulate from Parallel Waves, Split Square Thru, Swap Around, Fractional Tops3/4 Thru, and As Couples

The New Calls for to night are, Left Wheel Thru, Grand 3/4 Thru, Double Star Thru, Triple Star Thru, Cycle & Wheel and Explode and Anything. If we get through these, we will only have about 5 Calls left to complete the list, which we can easily cover over the remaining two weeks.
That's all I have for today, take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Good morning to you on this the second day of June, which is a very nice morning to be sure. However, I think we are going to get some rain today which is greatly needed.

A1 Workshop went very well again last night as we worked through those tricky little Calls such as Swap Around, Partner Hinge, Mix, Cross, and 3/4 Thru. These Calls are tricky because they are short in action and happen quickly, do not worry we will all get to know them well, in time and with practice.

Someone asked if I was still sketching, the answer is yes I just haven't been posting any. However here is one I did yesterday.

That all I have for today, have yourself a great weekend, take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Good cool Wednesday June 1st. morning to you. Here is the intended Program for tonight's (week #5) A1 Workshop. If you are reading this blog as a Caller and thinking we are moving along too quickly, please remember this is a refresher workshop and not a full teaching workshop, which allows us to move along a little faster than normal teaching workshops.
1. Square Chain Thru
2. Transfer The Column
3. Scoot & Dodge
4. Chain Reaction
5. Pass In
6. Triple Scoot
7. Wheel Thru 
8. 1/4 Thru
9. Grand Follow Your Neighbour
10. Brace Thru
11. Triple Trade
12. Cross Trail Thru
13. Horseshoe turn
14. Partner Tag
15. Quarter In
16. Grand 1/4 Thru
17. Pair Off
18. Quarter Out
19. Pass Out
20. Cast A Shadow
21. Ends Bend

We will review the following Calls from last week's Program,
1. Mix
2. Crossover Circulate (from 2 Faced Lines)
3. Lock It
4. Pass The Sea
5. Split Square Thru
6. Explode The Line
7. Step & Slide
8. 6x2 Acey Deucey

The new Calls for tonight are,
1. Crossover Circulate (From Parallel Waves)
2. Partner Hinge
3. Swap Around
4. As Couples
5. Anything & Cross
6. 3/4 Thru
7. Fractional Tops
This should fill out the evening if we get through it all.
That's it for today, take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Wow! I was impressed last night with the quality of A1 Dancing at our Spring Workshop, that was the best dancing so far.

Good morning to you and to what is looking like the start of another beautiful day, however, I think we need a little rain soon to keep the lawns in that rich green colouring.

Getting back to Square Dancing, here is the list of all the Calls we have covered as of the end of last nights session.

1 "Transfer The Column", 
2 "Square Chain Thru", 
3 "Scoot & Dodge", 
4 "Partner Tag", 
5 "Pass In", 
6 "Pass Out"
7 "Quarter In",
8 "Quarter Out",
9 "Triple Scoot",
10 "Triple Trade", 
11 "Grand Follow Your Neighbour",
12 "Quarter Thru", 
13 "Chain Reaction",
14 "Horseshoe Turn", 
15 "Wheel Thru", 
16 "Right Roll To A Wave". 
17 "Brace Thru"
18 "Crossover Circulate",(from two faced lines) 

19 "Turn & Deal",
20 "Cross Trail Thru",
21 "Ends Bend",
22 "Cast A Shadow",
23 "Pass The Sea",
24 "Split Square Thru",
25 "Explode The Line",
26 "Mix",
27 "Lock It",
28 "6x2 Acey Deucey".

The Calls in Blue were new Calls taught last night, this is about the halfway point in the list and the halfway point in the session, so I think we are right where we should be. 

Okay now the weekend begins so take care of yourself and each other and I'll see you on the Dance Floor.